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The place

Step by step

10.000 m² built on three and a half hectares of park.
architectural Style
Bruno Renard (1781-1861)
World heritage of UNESCO
Since 01 july 2012
  1. Main entrance and atrium (1st floor)
  2. Welcome Office & lamps storage room (1st floor)
  3. Snack-bar 
  4. CID Auditorium 
  5. Haystore 
  6. MAC's Auditorium
  7. Engineers offices 
  8. Bridge exhibition room
  9. Square exhibition room
  10. Esplanade
  11. Mausoleum
  12. Documentation centre
  13. North wing  exhibition room
  14. Machine construction workshop (Cathedral)
  15. Grand auditorium
  16. Stables
  17. Belvedere
  18. CID administrative offices
  19. 64 squares” fountain by Pol Bury
  20. Statue of Henri De Gorge

The history

Of the site

Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu
Le Grand-Hornu
The place The history The movie CID
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