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Conference Friday 17 may

Glass show

In French only.  

  • 19:00: guided tour of the “Glass-oriented Design” exhibition. 
  • 20:00: conference by Jane-Sylvie Van den Bosch. 

"Glass Show", the small and Great History of Glass

What is glass? There is no glass quarry! 
Its manufacture is chemistry like pudding and mayonnaise. Depending on its temperature it conducts electricity, depending on its composition it is soluble in water, decimates the royal families for centuries or becomes stronger than titanium! Half of our car is in glass, so are parts of our houses: Why do we believe that glass is fragile? What do we really know about glass? (with mobile furnace: Working with molten glass is physics in which all laws apply: gravity, centrifugal or centripetal forces, expansion, elongation ...)

Price: € 10 / 5 € for students / 1.25 € for art.27

Reservation required:
+32 (0)65 61 39 02



Saturday 18 may

Artshuttle: Destination glass

Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu
For children
Kids à l'oeuvre : Que faire sur le verre?
At Grand-Hornu
Repair Café
Glass show
Artshuttle: Destination glass

Fête des voisins
The magic of glass
Summer workshop
Breath cutting air!

Les Jeudis des Familles

Kids à l’œuvre : ne manquez pas d’air…
Summer workshop
Breath cutting air!

Kids à l’œuvre : ne manquez pas d’air…

Venez respirer... pour petits et grands!

Aux fils de l'air...

Redingotes et belles dentelles... quand le Grand-Hornu se met à nu !

Quand l'air devient rare !

D'Éole à Dyonisos... du vent au vin !

Kids à l’œuvre : ne manquez pas d’air…
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