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Conference 7 february 2021

Is a plant an object?

"Is a plant an object?" by Quentin Hiernaux, research fellow at the FNRS and lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

In our traditional way of thought, the plant is generally associated with a passive, inert and immobile object in contrast to the animal and especially to the "rational animal" which is the human subject.

What about it?

The conference will be preceded at 3 pm by a guided tour of the exhibition by the curators.

Rate: 10 euros

Information and bookings on 065/613.902 of at reservations@grand-hornu.be



15 au 19 février 2021
Monday 15 february

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7 février 2021
Is a plant an object?

15 au 19 février 2021
Jeunes pousses et mauvaises graines...
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