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Chat (in french) April 29 + June 17 at 3 pm

What do children think of it?

The CID cultural team and the documentation center invite you to take part in family and intergenerational meetings to ask questions, encourage reflection and discuss openly!

In these difficult and complicated social and economic times, waste and individualism may no longer be an evidence!

Can we think and dream of another society, live differently with others?

Sunday, April 29 3pm: "What is living together?"
Sunday, June 17 3pm: "Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma and... me! Living together... Why? Why not?"

From 8 years onwards.
Free after settlement of the entrance fee to the Grand-Hornu.

© Photo Tim van de Velde



For kids
On 13 May + 10 June from 10am to 6pm

Kids workshop: Archicube

Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu
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Chat (in french)
What do children think of it?
For kids
Kids workshop: Archicube
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