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Akihisa Hirata

Tangling Sunday 21 april 2013 > Sunday 22 september 2013

From April 21 to August 18 2013
Saterday 20th April at 18.30


Prolongation until 22nd september

Following The Architecture Foundation in London, Grand-Hornu hosts the first international solo exhibition of the emerging Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata.

Hot on the heels of his Venice Biennale debut and Golden Lion win, Akihisa Hirata will present an installation that will also be showed in the major exhibition « Japan forward » at the Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort later this year.

Taking the form of a continuous contorted loop, the immersive installation filling the Atrium of Grand-Hornu will demonstrate the essence of Hirata’s architecture. The loop will create multiple pathways and nooks, whilst layered upon and amongst this structure are hundreds study models and sketches, an interview with the architect, an ambient soundscape, and specially commissioned films, illustrating Hirata’s theories of ‘tangling’ in architecture.

Interested in creating simple and elegant geometric solutions that emulate and abstract nature's millions of years of experience, Hirata sees architecture and ecology as a complex, interwoven tangle - in terms of form, function and the relationship between the artificial and the natural. His designs rigorously explore future possibilities for architecture and structure.

Living Objects - Made for India

Europalia India Sunday 13 october 2013 > Sunday 16 february 2014

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