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Futur Archaïque

Sunday 25 january 2015 > Sunday 19 april 2015

January 25 to April 19 2015
Saturday 31 january 6.00 PM
children's opening
Saturday 31 january 5.00 PM
reservations :
+32 (0) 65 61 38 81

The Futur archaïque exhibition presents the connection that currently exists between the immediate, short-term or even distant future and the past, the archaic in the sense of returning to fundamental principles, (arkhē in Greek means beginning). It is illustrated here from the perspective of design. The exhibition highlights how young as well as not-so-young designers create objects that reveal our roots, which have been given a rough ride by modernity. For all its progress, reason and rationalisation, over time this same modernity has abandoned by the wayside the intrinsic value of objects. Their very essence! In some way, design has been emptied of its sense or even its senses.

Nowadays, fundamental change is afoot! Instead of taking a negative attitude towards our roots, brushing them aside or even denying them, we are forced to admit that creators artists and architects and above all designers are working with and making the best of them, to create totally innovative, astounding objects. Such as the Jar by the designer duo Formafantasma made with a cow’s bone, or the seats designed by the Atelier Van Lieshout with their cavernous, suggestive forms…

A refreshing exhibition that explores the reappearance of these archaic forms in design, also implicit in this project is a sociological insight into these emerging but essential desires to reconnect with our roots.

With :
François Azambourg,
Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow
Andrea Branzi,
Antoine Boudin,

Atelier Van Lieshout,
Nacho Carbonell,

Laura Couto Rosado,
DWA (Alberto Artesani, Frederik De Wachter) & Alessandro Costariol
Barnabé Fillion (Flair),

Matthias Gommel,
Kaspar Hamacher,

Simon Hasan,
Studio Hlutagerðin,

Martina Haitz,
Joris Laarman,

Valentin Loellmann,
Julia Lohmann,

Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly,
Stéphane Margolis,

Peter Marigold,
Giulio Parini,

Peugeot Design Lab,

The Pigeon Project

Milos Ristin,
Maaike Roozenburg,
Studio Wieki Somers,

Jean-Pierre Tortil,
Charles Trevelyan,


Jan Zappe

Exhibition produced by CID and mudac
Exhibition curator: Yves Mirande

The Absence of a Permanent I

Gauthier Oushoorn Sunday 08 november 2015 > Sunday 21 february 2016

Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu
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