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Living Objects - Made for India

Europalia India Sunday 13 october 2013 > Sunday 16 february 2014

From october 13 2013 to febuary 16 2014
Magasin aux foins
Saterday 12 october at 18.30

Within the scope of Europalia 2013, Grand-Hornu Images suggests to discover day-to-day Indian objects seen through the eyes of Doshi Levien. Founded in 2000, this London-based agency consists of two complimentary personalities. Of Scottish origin and a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Jonathan Levien gives the duo an impulse of rigour, precision and the tenacity of an industrial designer. Born in Bombay and equally an RCA graduate, Nipa Doshi explores the link between handicrafts, design and cultural identity.

In the streets of Ahmedabad, where she studies at the National Institute of Design, she discovers the local savoir-faire, especially in textiles, as well as these day-to-day objects that are part of a country’s cultural identity. Both recognised on the international scene today, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien have earned the respect of industry (Moroso, Cappellini, Authentics, etc.) and of institutional and cultural organisations. Grand-Hornu suggested to them to focus on a selection of objects selected from households, bazaars and other boutiques that abound all over the Indian territory. Being typically very simple, these objects are used every day in the kitchen and for cleaning, meals, bathing, prayer sessions, divine cults, weddings and other celebrations. Some of them are assemblies or hybrids that are combining various functions. By their view on the selection and a personal scenographic concept, Doshi Levien will reveal these objects under a new light.


Jean-François D’Or Sunday 22 september 2013 > Sunday 15 december 2013

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