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Plant Fever

Towards a plant-conscious design Sunday 31 may 2020 > Sunday 13 september 2020


Laura Drouet 

[Studio d-o-t-s]

Benoît Deneufbourg
GRAPHIc design
Matthieu Visentin
Olivier Lacrouts
[Studio d-o-t-s]
From May 31, 2020 to September 13, 2020
Magasin aux Foins
Saturday, 30th may, 2020 at 6pm

Spanning from open source design and product design to emerging technologies, Plant Fever proposes to go beyond the current plant fever to look at the future of design and humans from a vegetal perspective. The exhibition will explore current solutions and future scenarios of possible interactions with the plant world.

Challenged by recent discoveries, the understanding of plants has evolved and encouraged more plant-related experiments. Echoing American ecologist Ian Baldwin’s suggestion that “we should try to think like plants”, designers, as well as scientists and engineers, are looking into plants’ behaviour and learning to “think” like them with the hope to help us cope with the current and upcoming environmental and social issues.

These discoveries are accompanied by new trends in home decoration that go beyond the mere need for ornamentation. An aspiration that the exhibition will explore through objects that help us understand plants while reinventing our relationship with them.

While delving into the research of key contemporary thinkers - such as French botanist Francis Hallé and Italian researcher Stefano Mancuso - Plant Fever aims to get back to the decisive role that plants shall play in the design of a more sustainable future. From seaweed and oak, to cotton and hemp, for centuries plants have been used by humans to feed, clothe and house themselves. But the rise of non-biodegradable materials led to significant environmental issues and an ever-growing sense of alienation from nature. Eager to fight overconsumption and waste, more and more designers are choosing plants by-products as sources for construction.

Benoît Deneufbourg

Process Sunday 21 october 2018 > Sunday 03 february

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