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Stefan Sagmeister

Another show about Promotion and Advertising material Sunday 21 april 2013 > Sunday 18 august 2013

From April 21 to August 18 2013
Saterday 20th April at 18.30
Enfant terrible of graphic art, the Austrian Stefan Sagmeister knew how to dominate the international stage with an unconventional, playful and amazingly efficient approach.
Grand-Hornu Images is devoting its first major exposition in Belgium to him. Famous for his collaborations with musicians such as David Byrne, Lou Reed, brands such as Leviís Jeans, BMW, and even institutions like la Casa da Musica in Porto, the graphic designer has decided to only exhibit commissioned works. This radically complex-free choice enables him to demonstrate that there is no "distinction between the supposedly cultural world of graphic arts and that of the business world".
Divided into four parts (selling culture, selling corporations, selling my friends, selling myself) the exhibition also exhibits the writings of Stefan Sagmeister, a language which intentionally doesnít fit into any system or style. His work can nonetheless be defined by his incessant toings and froings between applied arts and fine arts, between humour and violence, between hand-made and the use of new technologies. Record sleeves, sales catalogues, exhibition catalogues, posters, visual identities, logos and stories of an irresistible humour are put on display in a scenography that he entrusted to Big-Game. The videos, notably the recordings of his famous conferences, liven up the journey. Stefan Sagmeister lives and works in New York.
The exhibition was conceived and brought into being by the mudac, Lausanne, and adapted by the Arts Décoratifs in Paris. In 2012 it was exhibited in Breda and Seoul.

Akihisa Hirata

Tangling Sunday 21 april 2013 > Sunday 22 september 2013

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