On a beautiful summer evening, we propose a movie under the stars with the screening of 'West Beirut', a Norwegian, Belgian, Lebanese and French film directed by Ziad Doueiri and released in 1998.

In today's Lebanese cinema, creation is particularly fertile: short and feature films, documentaries, animated films and even experimental films, all points of view and styles are explored by the artists. A particular sign is that the creation is permanently under the influence of the drama of the civil war. For this cinema born under the bombs and the occupations, the sixteen years of civil war (1975-1991) have marked the collective memory.

Whether they follow a classical or innovative approach, the young talents all show the complexity of Lebanon and its diversity, both in its cultural and social expression.

Since the beginning of this millennium, Beirut has hosted two festivals, the Lebanese Film Festival and the International Film Festival.

The film sessions are introduced on the history of Lebanese cinema

In 1975, the long slog of civil war has recently begun in Beirut. A high school student named Tarek (Rami Doueiri) is thrilled by all the chaos and upheaval because he no longer needs to go to school. Plus, he finds negotiations between West and East Beirut interesting. Tarek is accompanied by his buddy Omar (Mohamad Chamas) as the two shoot Super 8 films of the tumult around them. The jovial mood takes a tragic turn when Tarek's parents start fighting over whether or not to flee Beirut.

Time: 10:30 pm

Public: adults and young adults
Price: 10 € - 5 € for students
Reservations at +32 (0)65 61 39 02 or before July 16th