As an introduction to his book "On the Origin of Time", Thomas Hertog offers an inside story of his own discovery journey working with Stephen Hawking, how going back to and into the big bang, they were led to a whole vision of the cosmos, and of our place in the grand sweep.
The big bang theory continues to revolutionize our image of the cosmos. From Albert Einstein’s pioneering of modern cosmology, to the Belgian priest-astronomer George Lemaître’s discovery that the Universe expands, to the invisible reigned by black holes and dark energy, age-old cosmic mysteries are being redrawn.

The conference will be followed by the performance "The Solitary One" by Klaas Verpoest (video artist), Vincent Caers (sound artist), Benjamin Glorieux (cellist, composer) and Stéphane Detournay (scientific advisor).
There you are, solitary in the middle of a pitch-black hole. You got here during the opening performance, but how do you get out ? Nothing escapes the horizon, does it? For this closing performance, we will do our utmost to reverse the process.


The event (8pm) will be preceded by a guided tour of the exhibition and a cosmic drink from 6pm.

Price: 15 €. Students and teachers: 5 €

Reservations : +32 (0)65 613 902 or reservation@grand-hornu.be