Based on the models and projects developed by Michele de Lucci and the AMDL CIRCLE studio discovered in the "Futuro Gentile" exhibition, the CID and the ICA invite you to reflect together on the questions of the architecture of the future and how to inhabit a planet weakened by human activities.

We will work with bio-sourced materials (clay, wood, plants) and recycled materials (exhibition material, cardboard) in order to explore architectural forms that promote well-being and take into account the contemporary built environment.
On the agenda: imagine, design and build together Satellite Stations, small living spaces built in biodegradable materials, designed to promote human well-being and the health of the planet, and from which a friendly future is possible.
It's your turn to play!

Price: 20€ / 15€ students
Teenagers from 14 years old and adults.
Please bring a picnic.
Equipment provided.

Reservations on 065/613.902 or before 5 May 2023