Nobody can hear you sing in space! And yet music and astronomy have been linked for thousands of years. These two disciplines have influenced each other and continue to do so today offering a new way to approach many phenomena. From atoms to stars, everything vibrates! How to listen to them? How to understand what these vibrations reveal about nature. This conference invites you to a journey between science, art and history, to meet the cosmos, Pythagoras and Kepler, pulsars and galaxies, but also Frank Zappa and Sophie Germain.

Jean-Philippe Uzan is a theoretical physicist, specialist in cosmology and gravitation, Jean-Philippe Uzan is research director at the CNRS. He works at the Institut d'astrophysique de Paris.


The conference (8pm) will be preceded by a guided tour of the Cosmos exhibition at 6.30pm.

Price : 15 €. Students : 5 €
Information and reservation at +32 (0)65 613 902 or reservations@grand-hornu.be

In collaboration with the French Embassy in Belgium.