Bricks beyond walls

27.02.22 to 05.06.22


The exhibition "Bricks beyond walls" sums up all the work on bricks carried out by Aequo Design since it was founded in 2018. Set up by designers Tim Defleur and Arthur Lenglin, Aequo’s approach to design has a “territorial” slant. “Territorial design” can be defined as a creative process that draws on the territory from which it springs as its source. Its material, cultural, historical and geological riches are the systematic starting point for creativity. Beyond their aesthetic or functional value, objects become the narrative support for these sources of inspiration with local roots, bearing witness to a particular heritage.

Brick also has a special place in industrial architecture because it is economical, fireproof and durable. The Grand-Hornu is the perfect example of this type of construction.

Bricks are at the heart of the work of the Roubaix-based studio Aequo, whether as a raw material or a source of inspiration. This exhibition shows all their work with bricks and serves as a framework for the organisation of creative workshops with schools and groups of individuals, adults and children.These workshops will produce pieces that will be included in the evolving exhibition before they are taken up by budding artists. Looking forward to an ambitious exhibition bridging the gap between brick and design in 2025, this project is designed to be a technical and creative experiment, open to everyone, focusing on a reassessment of a common material with surprising potential.


27 February 2022 to 05 June 2022
  • Commissaires
    studio Aequo, Tim De Fleur et Arthur Lenglin
  • Scenographer
    studio Aequo