Recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO since 10 years, the four main coalmine sites of Wallonia (GrandHornu, Bois-du-Luc, Bois du Cazier et Blegny-Mine) have as mission to transmit the heritage which they have in charge to the next generations such as the conservation and the memory transmission linked in.
It is also about a memory of history, the life, custums, technics, specific innovation in mining industry than the environment (nature ans social).

Today, these sites are confronted by multifactorial pressure as
– Multiple touristic and cultural activities which means the increasing of the competition near the public ;
– Evolution of interest ;
– Slow adaptation of the historical sites to the current language, communication supplies and mediation ;
– Desappearing of direct witnesses and risk of industrial memory dilution.

The colloquium will ask questions about efforts made by different postindustrial sites to activate this memory and this industrial culture, in particular mining, to promote and to update it.
It will give an overview about the current solutions already experienced : digitization, heritage modelling, film production, interactive exhibitions, local participatory experiences, etc.
In the prospective way, guests will present their solutions in the experimental stage or already established as 3D, virtual visits…

The purpose of this colloquium
– Diversify publics and touch other publics
– To come within the scope of updating the process (language, programs, tools, mediation, new technologies)
– Make a list of good practices