Nomad Solar Light

12 LEDs générant 280 lumenBatterie 2x2600 MA/h LI-ONPanneau solaire de 5 WattsABS
don (Donation Alain Gilles 2017)

The O’SUN ™  NOMAD solar lamp has been designed to meet a need, or rather several very different needs, to improve the quality of life of its users and, in some cases, to bring them into the modern age and/or to promote sustainable development.

The “NOMAD” solar lamp has been designed for very different worlds. First of all, (1) to meet the needs of families in the world that do not have access to electricity, and in particular in developing countries, and at the same time to provide an alternative to kerosene lamps which have caused many accidents; (2) to be used in emergency situations: natural or humanitarian disasters; (3) but also to be used in Western countries by people who need to light a terrace or a garden shed and who will appreciate the flexibility of a rechargeable solar lamp, its contemporary look and, of course, its environmentally-friendly aspect.

In developing countries, it will generally be used by families living in one room (such as a hut in Africa for example) and who need to use the lamp for a range of needs, such as providing lighting for the whole family in the evening, for children to do their homework, cooking, watching the herd during the night, i.e. enabling people to work longer hours and therefore increase their income etc., but also to recharge a mobile phone via a mobile charger which can also be used to connect a second lamp if necessary.

In Western countries, the lamp can also be charged using a mains adapter and a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket in order to make users as autonomous as possible and enable them to use the device without any constraints.

The NOMAD lamp has been designed (1) to be as user-friendly as possible (a single pushbutton for different settings), (2) to provide a lighting time of more than 6 hours at full intensity (which largely covers the lighting needs of families not having any other source of lighting, as has been demonstrated by World Bank studies), (3) and to be as flexible as possible to use, given that, for many families, it will be their sole source of lighting. It may be placed directly on the ground without risk since its luminous globe is protected by a silicone disc. This disc also helps to prevent it from falling off a table. Its shape means that it can be hung on a wall using its handle in order to light a more specific part of a room or it can be used as overhead lighting (the light spread is optimised to ensure a good quality of lighting for a family living in one room). The handle can also be used to carry it everywhere in the same way as any lamp.

The lamp’s design also takes into account the fact that in a large number of cases it must be possible, for example, to fix elements such as the solar charger on walls without needing tools, or to fix it on the metal frame of an emergency tent using a strap.

It may also, of course, be used next to a swimming pool or on a table on a terrace for contemporary design aficionados.

The O’SUN ™  NOMAD solar rechargeable lamp is also intended to be a sustainable product. The source of lighting uses LED technology because of its longevity (12 LEDs). Moreover, the lamp is designed to ensure that it is resistant to shocks and falls (within certain limits), and the high-quality battery can be changed and recovered by authorised distributors.

This lamp therefore includes social and ecological dimensions, while also being likely to appeal to lovers of contemporary design.

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